Wehrli & Associates LLC.

Wehrli & Associates LLC.

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Wehrli & Associates LLC

Wehrli & Associates LLC. develops and manufactures precision measurement and digital imaging systems used in the commercial geospatial industry for data acquisition and analysis. Wehrli’s offering includes the RasterMaster (RM) photo scanner series, aerial stabilization platforms, digital aerial cameras, forward motion compensators and mapping systems.

Wehrli & Associates LLC. has customers and partners around the world, Americas, Europe, Asia and the Middle East. These clients and partners are both private companies and government agencies in the fields of defense, transportation, agriculture, geology, as well as geospatial players, such as La Géomathèque.

The reputation of Geoselec in scanning is well established. Geoselec owns and operates 9 RasterMaster photoscanners from Wehrli & Associates LLC, of ​​the RM-6 and RM-4 series. Geoselec's production capacity is unmatched in North America and has accumulated unique experience on the market in order to provide optimum quality.

RasterMaster RM-6

Specifications and technical data on RM-6 scanners:

  • 8µms optical (3175 ppi)
  • 12, 16, 20, 24, 32, 40… 128µms in real time by binning
  • Other sizes by post process
  • Roll Film (manual/automatic)
  • Individual Frame
  • Positive or Negative
  • B/W or Color transparency
Geometric Accuracy  
  • ±2µms RMSE without resampling image data
Geometric Precision  
  • 1µm resolution
  • 14 bits/channel
Optical Density  
  • 0.001 to 3.7D
  • Computer controlled LED (30 000 hours)
  • Tri-linear CCD, Sony 5300
  • Fully compensated

Scanning Range  

  • Roll Unit 260x260 mm
  • Cut Sheet 275x320 mm
Image Format  
  • Tiled TIFF, Strip TIFF, TIFF 6.0 JPEG, JPEG 2000
  • Output 8/10/12/14 bits per channel

Operating System  

  • Windows 7 (32 or 64 bit)™, Windows 10
  • 0.83x1.10x1.00 m
  • 165 kg
More than 2M of aerial photos
More than 2M of aerial photos

for Quebec province since 1960

40 years of experience
40 years of experience

in managing and scanning historical imagery

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Customer service

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