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Thanks to the German company GeoDyn’s expertise, time-saving capture and state-of-the-art equipment, access to the untapped world-wide aerial photography data, which spans several decades, is quickly available. The team at GeoDyn Technology has over 150 years of combined experience and has carried out projects in over 50 countries, offering services from digitization to georeferencing, as well as technological development.

This distribution and operating agreement now allows Geoselec to digitize its aerial photography archives at an unprecedented pace with PromptSCAN equipment. From a few minutes to a few second, this revolutionary technology perfectly fits with Geoselec mission, which is to give access to geospatial data. Geoselec's high throughput scanning capacity allows any aerial archive owners to obtain a digital vault very quickly.

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The equipment PromptSCAN M2

PromptScan M2-b


Pixel size 

  • 13 or 15 μm

Type of film  

  • Positive or negative
  • Color or panchromatic

Geometric accuracy  

  • 2 µms r.m.s

Focal Length  

  • 50 mm

Frame Capture Rate  

  • 3 sec/image (15 μm: black and white)
  • 4 sec/frame (13 μm: black and white)
  • 6 sec/frame (15 μm: color)
  • 8 sec/frame (13 μm: color)


  • 115 cm X 65 cm X 42 cm


  • 50 kg



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More than 2M of aerial photos
More than 2M of aerial photos

for Quebec province since 1960

40 years of experience
40 years of experience

in managing and scanning historical imagery

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Customer service

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