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300 dpi option modification

Cloud storage brings a lot of advantages such as quick data retrieval. However, we could not offer 300 dpi option for digital supports. It will be still available for prints.

How can we obtain a lighter photo to integrate in a document for example?

When you receive your digital photo, it is a TIF format (between 20 and 100 meg). What you can do to obtain a lighter file is:

  • To convert .TIF to .JPEG or .PDF by yourself (downgrading quality and then weight). Many softwares offer this feature.


  • After downloading your order, simply copy and paste the thumbnail available at the Photo selection step in the search engine (click on the little i). Here is a little video:

*** Make sure that the aerial photos are already digitalized or digital in order to access to the thumbnails, this is why we suggest to ait until you download your images.

Tip: if you want to find a specific aerial photo in our search engine, you can type the number in the typing bar, i.e: Q76806_224 and click on the magnifying glass.

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More than 2M of aerial photos
More than 2M of aerial photos

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40 years of experience

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