About us

Geoselec (formerly known as La Géomathèque) is proud to be the Canadian leader in the scanning of historical aerial photographs and the management and distribution of all types of digital imagery.

Client-focused, our mission is to efficiently provide land management professionals and organisations with quality aerial imagery while aiming at preserving and making the data more accessible in the future.

Exemple photo aérienne noir et blanc

Our services

We provide high-end scanning services of aerial imagery archived on films for many organisations. We also offer a full range of archives and collections management services (physical and digital). If the end-goal is providing more access, we operate a web-based solution for the discovery, display and distribution of this imagery to the public.

Visit the Scanning Services and Archives Management pages or the page about our Distribution Solution for more details.

Our equipment

Our dedication to scanning efficiency have put us in a unique position on the market, we are the largest owner and operators of high-tech scanners in North America.

Visit the Scanning Services pages for more details.

Our technology

We also invested in our own digital strategy. The resulting platform is not only used by our own Marketplace but also available to our partners and customers owning collections of geospatial images.

Visit the Distribution Platform page for more details.

Our Marketplace and its Products

As a partner of the Quebec Government in the distribution of their aerial imagery, we offer high accuracy – high resolution aerial photographs in many formats and added-value products (e.g., orthophotos, georeference).

Visit our Marketplace to initiate a search and get some images from Quebec Government and other content providers (ex.: Nearmap).

Our philosophy

Expertise pertaining to historical film imagery is slowly disappearing. Preserving such data has become a present-day challenge and a matter of urgency. Here at Geoselec, we are committed to protecting and making available this important historical data.

This is why we always aim at preserving the maximum detail on every image while respecting allocated resources.

We are a specialized and dedicated team who value respect, mutual support, and who find pleasure in our work.

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Geoselec - What’s in the name

All our efforts lead to the availability of aerial images, scanned & showcased in our marketplace, powered by our platform facilitating the geospatial selection of the content you need! We are Geoselec!

More than 2M of aerial photos
More than 2M of aerial photos

for Quebec province since 1960

40 years of experience
40 years of experience

in managing and scanning historical imagery

Customer service
Customer service

ready to help you