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Web Distribution Platform

Web Distribution Platform

Geoseloc platform is dedicated to the distribution of imagery, providing an e-commerce experience to end-users and back-office management capabilities to administrators.

Our cloud-based platform allows users to explore, find, select, and obtain the desired images (for a fee or for free). The platform can be configured according to a private or public distribution model for digital content, paid (electronic commerce) or free (Open Data).

Geoselect Marketplace is running on this platform. Initially developed to distribute the Quebec image archive (more than 2 million photographs), the reliability of our technology is validated, processing weekly thousands of searches and hundreds of orders.

Possible configuration and deployment modes

Here are several operating modes (configuration and deployment) with our platform in order to valorize, share and distribute your images:

1. Your data in the Geoselec marketplace

« I want to generate income from my aerial images via a wide public distribution. »

Your content complements the catalog available to the general public, enriching the portfolio already online in the Geoselec marketplace. Take advantage of a wide visibility and reach, all the capabilities of a marketplace already frequented by thousands of professionals from land management, environment, and engineering. This is a unique revenue generating opportunity for your organization.

2. A private, secure, and transactional store (Extranet)

« I want to generate income from my aerial images via targeted and controlled distribution. »

A personalized store for the marketing of your images only, available to your customers, partners, and employees. A transactional mechanism with or without payment can be implemented. This is a revenue generation opportunity for your organization, where you target and communicate with potential buyers yourself.

3. A private catalog in a secure area (Extranet)

« I want to better disseminate and share my digital aerial images internally and with my employees. »

An "extranet" space, protected by password, giving free access to your images to employees and collaborators. It is a system that primarily reduces the time required for research and makes it easier to obtain the images necessary for the work at hand.

4. A private and complete instance, hosted and managed by you

« I want to have my own platform in order to have full control over my digital archives, for the hosting, indexing and distribution aspects. »

A full copy of the platform, purchased and installed on the infrastructure of your choice. This option is available if your organization, public or private, needs to manage and distribute a large collection of images. In a way, it means getting the same capabilities as Geoselec with its own store. Having such a technological platform allows full control of content, operations, business model and marketing (image, branding, language, etc.).

More than 2M of aerial photos
More than 2M of aerial photos

for Quebec province since 1960

40 years of experience
40 years of experience

in managing and scanning historical imagery

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Customer service

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