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Aerial Photographs

Aerial Photographs

Aerial photography allows 2D and 3D research as well as land data analysis at a specific point in time.

Aerial photographies from 1959 up to today

Digital aerial photo sample

Quebec City, 2007

Aerial photographies from 1959 up to today

Via Geoselec's online marketplace, you can search and order from the most extensive archive of aerial photography in Quebec. Geoselec is a partner with the Quebec government in the distribution of aerial photography.


Once you have selected your aerial photo, you will be able to chosse between different format options and additional products:

  • Print
  • Digital
  • Enlargement of a specific area
  • Georeference options
  • Orientation parameters options

You can also get image-specific documents such as the letter of authentication, flight index or camera calibration reports.

To learn more about available formats

Aerial Photography Uses

Aerial photos have many uses, be it for a specific year or for historical comparison:

  • environmental site assessment
  • farm land and river monitoring
  • land and property rights and litigation
  • urban land use planning
  • studies of forestry potential
  • research projects
  • leisure activities (fishing, hunting, holiday home)
Aerial photo - analog - black and white

Aerial photo - analog - black and white

Aerial photo - analog - infrared

Aerial photo - analog - infrared

Aerial photo - analog - color

Aerial photo - analog - color

Format Description Price Processing times Processing times with Priority service

Analog photos (<2010): digital files are scans at 1200 dpi from the original film, unless there is a note in the photo information page. TIFF files are compressed to facilitate delivery and opening.

Digital photos (>2010): image is already digital at a high resolution. TIFF file are compressed to facilitate delivery and opening.

30$ 5 business days 24h

Analog photos (<2010): contact print 10 in x 10 in.

Digital photos (>2010): size depends on the type of digital camera.

30$ 5 days 24h


A photograph enlargement allows a specific zone to be viewed at a larger scale for more details. Once the zone is confirmed with our customer service team, printing is made on paper (17 in wide x 17 in up to 36 in long according to your needs).

90$ 5 days 48h



The photo is positioned when you select this option. It is completed with 5 ground control points derived from the vector files of the 1: 20 000 topographic map of the Ministère de l'Énergie et des Ressources naturelles du Québec.

Format: GeoTIF

15$ 5 days 24h


orientation parameters

File that contains the three rotational axes of the camera at the time of capture. This file allows 3D visualisation. In order to do so, you need two photos and two parameters.

Format: .par

20,50$ 5 days 24h
Looking for aerial imagery?

Looking for aerial imagery?

Identify your area of interest and select your set of images according to your needs.

More than 2M of aerial photos
More than 2M of aerial photos

for Quebec province since 1960

40 years of experience
40 years of experience

in managing and scanning historical imagery

Customer service
Customer service

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